Resume Artists (China)

Jin Hua

Jin Hua is a visual artist who has exhibited photo-based works in Canada, USA, China, and the Netherlands.
Jin was born in China and lived in Shanghai before moving to Vancouver in 2007. Originally trained as an animator and graphic designer, Jin has also worked as an artistic and creative director. Her works are included in many publications and private collections including the public collection of Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai (MOCA). She was the Emerging Artist of the 2012 Vancouver Mayor Art in
Visual Art; the winner of Canadian SnapStar photo competition (2012), the winner of TOP20 Chinese Contemporary Photographer Award (2011), and she received first place in the Canon Photography Awards in the 2012 Emily Carr Grad Exhibition. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2012 and is currently studying at Concordia University for a Master of 
Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts (Photography).



2012 Graduate Student of MFA in Photography, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2012 BFA, Fine Art Photography, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada

1995 Degree of Animation, Shanghai Huashan Vocational art school, Shanghai, China




Untitled, Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  My Big Family, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada


My Big Family, Asia Pacific Foundation, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  My Big Family, 221A Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada


UNTOLD, Potential Gallery, 798 Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China




Through the Body: Lens Based Works by Chinese Women Artists, University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto, Canada

  Conversing in the Passing of Time, FOFA gallery, Montreal, Canada


Lishui Photography Festival, Zhejiang Lishui, China

  Capture Photography Festival, Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

  EGO, ZhouB Art Centre, Chicago, USA

Ultramoderne, MFA Exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada

Centre A's 14th Anniversary Fundraising Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Emily Carr Award Winner Show, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  Centre A's 13th Anniversary Fundraising Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spring Show, Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada,


Connecting the Dots, Five Sixty-560, Vancouver, BC, Canada

15,000 Words, Cutty Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  Centre A's 12th Anniversary Fundraising Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada

SNAP! Live Auction, Toronto, ON, Canada

  (Re)Presenting Protest: Art as an act of protest, Amnesty International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada


  Centre A's 11th Anniversary Fundraising Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada


  Centre A's 10th Anniversary Fundraising Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Pingyao International Photography Festival, PingYao, China

Centre A's 9th Anniversary Fundraising Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada

China Earthquake Relief Fundraising Silent Auction, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Artist and Organizer)


Presence, National Forum for Culturally Diverse Organizations, Toronto, Canada

  CHINESE WALLS, WALLS ART Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland


RESTLESS - Contemporary Photography and New Media, MOCA Shanghai, China


SHANGHAI 1800-0600, EPSON Gallery, Shanghai, China

CHINA – AZURE, AG - ART Space, Hangzhou, China

LOMO Photography Exhibition, Top Art Gallery, Shanghai, China


Wang Xue Jun

Wang became known for his “Blossom” work which was selected and collected for Barbie’s 50th year anniversary. His Song dynasty flower was later used for the Chinese Pavilion in 2010 Expo. He uses historical flora and birds from Song Dynasty as the background in most of his work. To him, the subtlety of the birds and flowers are of soothing contrast to the chaotic hard world at present.

The vibrant colors and the ‘Pop’ art style of his works are his expressions for the positivity and prosperity of China today. The use of the historical elements are his symbolical reminiscences of the peacefulness and tranquility of China in his childhood.


Born: 1973

Hometown: Qinghai Province


1991   Graduated from the high school affiliated to Chongqing Normal College,

majoring in Fine Arts
1995    Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, majoring in oil painting

Solo Exhibitions


      •  Won the silver medal, awarded by Taiwan Qincaixuan fine arts exhibition


      •  Solo exhibition in Sichuan Fine arts institute

Group Exhibitions

      •  “Guys and Dolls” — Solo Exhibition, shown in Shanghai Studio


      •  “Life is Beautiful“— Art Exhibition, Pudong Shanghai


      •  “When StellaLuna meets Wang Xuejun" — Wang Xuejun art work   exhibition at 2F, Sogo, Shanghai.

      •  "The Portrait of Shoes"  — Wang Xuejun Solo Exhibition, Noeli Gallery,  Shanghai


      •   The First Chinese Young Artists Contemporary Exhibition, The Bund Museum, Shanghai

      •   Chinese Young Artists Contemporary Exhibition, Park Ryu Sook, Korea

  "Blooming . China" — Wang Xuejun latest Works Exhibition, The Art Gallery Purple roof, Shanghai

      •   "Blossom”— The unique painting of Chinese artist which were collected by American Barbie's 50th  anniversary.


      •    Shanghai World Expo Chinese Pavilion adopted the logo designed by Wang Xuejun.

      •    Affordable Art Fair 4th Edition, Westergastfabriek. Dayang’s Art. Amsterdam

Epoch. Unbounded Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition Henan Art Museum


Affordable Art Fair 5th Edition, Westergastfabriek. Dayang’s Art. Amsterdam

      •   Affordable Art Fair, Tour & Taxis, Brussels,

      •   Group Exhibition "Four Generation Noeli Gallery

      •   Arti11 Den Haag, Dayang’s Art, Fokker Terminal, The Hague

Wu Jun

His passion and patience in his works reflect the central theme of Buddhism. His ‘N’ series symbolizes the infinitely of human existence. The endless ‘N’ is similar to the infinity symbol, it has no beginning and no end, repeating continuously into eternity. The ‘N’ could be painted separately on a canvas but on some canvases they are tangled together to form abstract paintings with recognizable shapes and forms. He uses Chinese ink together with acrylic paint, forming a unique texture. In his paintings ‘N’ series of black and white, Ying and Yang pays a central part. His ability to mix black and white either by painting or pasting black and white newspaper prints on terra-cotta formed a serene and balance composition to his works. The use of exuberant colours reflect another dynamic in his art pieces.

Wu Jun has traveled extensively to Europe and his works has been collected in Europe, America and Asia. His works have also been in the auctioned in Hong Kong.

Born in Beijing but based in Shanghai, Wu Jun does paintings, photography, sculptures and collage works. He is a hardworking artist who seeks perfection in all his works. Born in a family with rich cultural background: his forefather was a famous poet and father a great violinist, Wu Jun’s destiny as a visual artist is not a surprise.   

Born:  1960

Hometown: Shanghai


1976   Graduated from GEM Artistic carving Arts and Crafts College

1986   Graduated from the Art Institute of Shanghai University


Solo Exhibitions:


      ● Wu Jun Solo Exhibition>Sub Dong galleryShanghai


      ●  The Art of Wu Jun, Bandhie Gallery, Seoul Korea


      ●  The Art of Wu Jun, Yundian Gallery, Shanghai


Group Exhibitions


      ●  Japanese Yokohama-Shanghai Industrial Art Show, Yokohama, Japan


      ●  Return (Hui), Marine Transportation University Student Art Exhibition,  Shanghai

      ●  Shanghai Human Body Art Show, Xuhui Cultural Building, Shanghai

      ●  The Shanghai 5 University Student Association, Donghua University, Shanghai


      ●  Seventh Session of National Fine Arts Work Display, China Art Museum, Beijing

      ●  Celebrates Shanghai in commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Fine Arts

      ●  Work Display, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai


      ●  The Shanghai Young Artist, Shanghai World Trade Centre, Shanghai


      ●   Face Value, LotusArt-World Art Delft, the Netherlands

      ●   3W-The Contemporary Art Association, Shanghai

      ●   Chinese Mark, Daku Centre, Shanghai

      ●   Code China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Daku Centre, Shanghai


      ●  Chinese Walls, LotusArt-Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

      ●  Post Avart-Garde Chinese Contemporary Art, Four Directions of the New Era,

          Hong Kong

      ●  Colour of the Night, Shanghai Artist Invitational Exhibition of Nominated Works,


      ●  Yuandian Gallery, Shanghai

      ●  Incheon Art Fair, Korea

      ●  Face Chinese, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bagash Art Gallery, Dubai

      ●  Shanghai A4 Artistic Studios Exhibition, East Red Gallery, Shanghai


      ●  Shanghai Attitude, Jing Art Gallery, Shanghai

      ●  Uwantart Gallery, Group Exhibition, Shanghai


      ●  Chinese Contemporary, Shanghai Racquet Club, Shanghai     


      ●  Chinese Contemporary, Shanghai Racquet Club, Shanghai

      ●  Affordable Art Fair 4th Edition, Westergastfabriek. Dayang’s Art, Amsterdam


      ●  Affordable Art Fair 3rd Edition, Tours & Taxis. Dayang’s Art, Brussels, Belgium

      ●  Palm Springs & Italian artist of playing cards in the 21st Century Collection, Chongqing

      ● "The story in the book" Chinese - Irish Artists Ireland center, Shanghai

      ● "Flashes Ying Xia," Chinese Artists Austrian Gallery, Hong Kong

      ●  Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

      ● "Pop is a disease", Shanghai China Exhibition Artist Waterfront Art Museum, Shanghai


      ●  Affordable Art Fair 3rd Edition, Tours & Taxis. Dayang’s Art, Brussels

      ● "City Text" - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Nine East China Normal University Shanghai

      ● "Planktonic and solidification" --2012 Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

      ● "Attitude - abstract related", Suzhou Creek Art Center, Shanghai

      ● "Interpretation" - Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai

      ●  Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing Agricultural Exhibition, Beijing

      ● "The book's story", China and Ireland Artists, Irish Arts Center, Shanghai


      ● Forty-fourth session of the Basel Art Fair Basel, Switzerland

      ● "Boundary fence" Irish Festival Art Exhibition, Three Contraband Creative Department, Beijing


      ● 50 Artistes Chinois rendent hommage au Général De Gaulle, Paris


      ● Human & Nature, Changpu Gallery, Shanghai

Kang Can

With the rapid development of urbanization and globalization, China is witnessing a process of internationalization with a surprising speed. In this fast developing post-industrial age, we, surrounded by superfluous information and images, are becoming callous and fatigued, which bemuses us and set us doubting the reality.

Thanks to our doubts, we have found a sensitive excitement prompting us to seek our inspirations in this fanaticizing consumption age. Babies, as the symbol of the human purity, came to this world, simple and unadulterated. When put together with typically contemporary symbols in a certain fragment of a narration in a super-realistic way, they will possibly break through the existing notion of pattern of these symbols, creating a brand new meaning.


1982   Born in Chongqing, China

2006   Graduated from Workshop 1 of the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree

2010-2011  Training at Arts & Media Department of Zurich University

Now, being a professional artist

Solo Exhibition


   ● "Role"(San Diego. The United States)

   ●  "Role" (Weinuolisa Contemporary Art Center. Beijing.China)

   ●  "Shaky" (Graffiti Street Contemporary Art Space. Chongqing.China)

   ●  "Baby" (French Union. Wuhan.China)


   ●   Personal exhibition Kang Can (Chongqing Library.China)


Group Exhibitions


   ●  The 36th Japan AJAC Yokohama International Exhibition of overseas artists(The Best Artist Award. Yokohama Museum of Art. Japan)

   ●   "Cross" .The 6th Songzhuang International Arts Festival in 2010 - "Through " Chongqing community(Beijing Song Village)



   ●  Nomination Exhibition of the Emerging Artists of the Annual Chinese Critics (501Contemporary Art Museum)

   ●  Contemporary Art Exhibition of China and Japan(China Three Gorges Museum)

   ●  2010First Annual Art Exhibition of Chongqing Art Gallery(Chongqing Painting Exhibition)

   ●  Birth - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition(Beijing 798)

   ●  "EAST / WEST"(San Diego.The United States)

   ●  "Through " second exhibition(Xiangshan Art Museum)

   ●   Art Exhibition of Contemporary Artists(Beijing.China)

   ●  "Children"(Paris. France)

   ●  "Past and Present any evening"(Chong Ching, China)


   ●   Art Basel-Miami Beach Bridge Art Fair, Miami Beach,Miami, USA;


   ●   Chinese Walls, Amsterdam, Holland


   ●   Animamix Biennial: From Modernity to Eternity, MoCA, Shanghai, China; Exhibition of Excellent Works of Graduates from Institutions of Fine Art,Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing.

Ma Tse Lin

Ma Tse-Lin explained that while he is not Buddhist, his parents are and he grew up surrounded by Buddha icons and the Chinese philosophy of taoism.The expansion and combination of taoism and Buddhism led him to conclude that the image of Buddha epitomizes China and the spiritual and simple, peaceful connection mankind has with nature and the universe.

He was also influenced by the abundant,and numorous, images of Chairman Mao that occupied the public places of his childhood through around 1980.These memories translate into portraits that create the illusion that Buddha,s face or body is too large to capture on a single canvas.

Ma Tse-Lin first studied art and graduated from the Central Institute for Arts and Crafts of Beijing. Before that, he was a violinist who was pushed toward a career in art because of his own native talent and the political climate of the times.There is a rich vein of musical talent in his family. His grandfather, Ma Si Cong, is a renowned Chinese violinist, while his mother played piano. He played violin and some piano until the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) outlawed music, the possession of musical instruments and art in an effort to banish pre-communist culture.

Unable to play the violin, he embarked on the quieter pastime of drawing. He took to the mountains and drew charcoal, watercolor and pencil portraits and landscapes. In 1979, three years after the death of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the arts were once again free to flourish in China. He was awarded one of 15 places available for all of China at the National Art School of Beijing. His slot was the only one slated for his province.

In 1985, he became the first Chinese student of the Decorative Arts School in Paris, according to a biography in an exhibition catalog for Galerie Loft in Paris. While studying in Paris, he began painting in an abstract, action-painting style and departed drastically from the rigid re-creationist instruction taught in China. He continued to try to fuse his Eastern and Western training and was awarded a scholarship to Manhattan,s Cooper Union under the auspices of the Decorative Arts School.

Mr. Tse-Lin said his paintings are gaining popularity in Europe and America because of a growing interest in the peaceful teachings of Buddha and the quickening pace of modern day lives. We have forgotten ourselves because of material wealth,, he said. ,The beauty within ourselves is becoming less and less and we are afraid of losing this special part.


M Tse Lin's oil on canvas pop-rendition of the Buddha's mask brings the palpable mood of the spiritual leader to an environmental-size installation.The face is scumbled with a trompe-l'œil surface of decay and billboards, rendering a multi-layered and contemporary baroque image.






Born: Guangdong, China


Graduated from the Central Institute of Arts, Beijing, China


Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France


Participated in the exchange program with Cooper Union, New York, NY

Lives and works in Paris since 1985





  ●"Made in China," Espace Cultural Ample, Barcelona, Spain (group)


  ●Biennale, Beijing, China

  ●Opera Gallery, Hongkong

  ●Hakaren Gallery, Singapore


  ●Miche Roche Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

  ●"China le Corps Partout?" Musée d'Art Contemporain, Marseille, France


  ●Seine 51 Gallery, Paris, France

  ●Nouvel an chinois> Lafayette Gallery, Paris, France

  ●Michèle Roch Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

  ●ARCO, Madrid, Spain


  ●Hakaren Art Gallery, Singapore (solo)

  ●Dragon Gallery, New York, NY (solo)

  ●Seine 51 Gallery, Paris, France (solo)


  ●Museum of Moderm Art of Taipei, Taiwan (solo)

  ●Gallery Leda Fletcher, Geneva, Switzerland (solo)

  ●Seine 51 Gallery, Paris, France (solo)


  ●Artim Gallery, Strasbourg, France (solo)


  ●Loft Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

  ●The Museum Annex, Hong Kong

  ●Salon ' Art Paris', Paris


  ●Biennale de Chine, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

  ●Gallery Atelier19, Tours, France (solo)

  ●Space Cultural Le Lavoir, St Tropez, France

  ●Headquarter of Credit Mutuel of Britain, Brest


  ●Loft Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

  ●Saga Fiac Edition, Paris, France (solo)

  ●Gallery Dionne, Paris, France (solo)

  ●NICAF, Tokyo, Japan


  ●Loft Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

  ●Saga Fiac Edition, Paris, France (solo)


  ●Modern Art Museum of Taipei, Taiwan (solo)


  ●Pierre-Michel Dugast Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

  ●Façade Gallery, Paris, France


  ●Salon Mac 2000, Paris, France (solo)


  ●Bateau Lavoir, Paris, France (solo)


  ●Z Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY (solo)

  ●Galerie J.Barrère, Paris, France (solo)


  ●Meudon Cultural Centre, I.FA Gallery, Bonn (solo)



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