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Indonesian artist Nyoman Suarnata feels that every one of his paintings includes meanings and messages. “There is information about good or bad phenomena”, Nyoman states, “or things which occur inside of me, in my own thinking and feelings, and, also things which happen outside of me. In my environment and my social life. This is the stuff I like to communicate”.

Nyoman doesn’t try to force people into accepting what he thinks and feels. “I only submit topics honestly and off the cuff”, he says, “and show my feelings which come along with this. I try to express myself by talking about some existing environmental and social problems”. As an artist, and within all of his paintings, Nyoman attempts to deliver messages which anyone can read with their own deep capacity to perceive and understand.






1981       Born in Tampak Siring

              Graduated from FSRD in Denpasar, Indonesia

At present, Suarnata is a teacher and artist.


Solo Exhibition


    ● “Global Warming”, Adi Gallery, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions


    ●  Water colour exhibition, STSI, Denpasar


    ●  Circle Community at Art Center Denpasar

    ●  Kaja-kaja Community at Pak Putih Gallery


    ●  Circle Community at Pendet Museum, Ubud – Bali

    ●  “Art And Freedom I” at Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud – Bali


    ●   Final Project of Study FSRD ISI Denpasar at Sidik Jari Museum


    ●  “Not A Battle” at Tangkas Gallery, Ubud, Bali

    ●   PKB XXX at Art Canter – Denpasar

    ●  “Art And freedom II” at Art Center Denpasar


    ●  “Not Less But Differently Talented” at Sjaki-Tari-Us, Ubud-Bali

    ●  “Reflection” at Hanna Art space, Ubud – Bali

    ●  “Figure Out” at Bale Seni Kamandalu Resort & Spa Hotel


    ●  “Unity In Diversity” at Hanna Art space, Jakarta

    ●  “Super Hero” at Hanna Art space, Ubud - Bali

    ●   Bazzar Art Jakarta at The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta


    ●  ARTI11 Den Haag, The Netherlands

    ●  Affordable Art Fair 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    ● “-E- Water” at Charity Auction, Germany



Sutarja a.k.a Pandi is an interesting self taught painter.  Utilizing a technique that evokes ‘street-graffiti’, Pandi is able to create amazing images that portray Balinese lifestyles commenting on the everyday lives. In every painting of his you will always find the little bird hanging somewhere. "It reminds me of my childhood. When I was learning to paint in the verandah of my parents' house, there were birds surrounding me all the time."




Pandi is an autodidact and has participated in several group shows.

    ●  Cafe Des Artistes, Bali


    ●  Women, Vino Venue Gallery, Shanghai

    ●  ARTI11 Den Haag, The Netherlands

    ●  Affordable Art Fair 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ketna Patel

Ketna Patel is a typical example of globalization. To date, she has lived in three different continents; Africa, Europe and Asia, each more than a decade. No wonder then that her work threads through many realms. Her personal experiences, cultural immigration, observations of popular and high culture, the juxtaposition of external, material worlds on top of inner bewilderment……. To reflect the world, and her part in it, Ketna’s works are usually not minimal affairs.

The intellectual / academic world, for her is limiting, and, in her opinion, has too often been used to justify or substantiate recent artistic expression, including architecture. Man does not live by decree or ideology, but by his or her own sense of purpose. The mass consciousness that belongs to the whole planet is emotive in its outset. First worlds misunderstand third worlds, and the wrath and the insecurity of the latter manifests itself in twisted episodes of contemporary life. More than ever, the world is busy, noisy, and explosive. There is heat in our bodies, from unexpressed words, to heat above us in the skies, from too much synthetic energy.


1968                 Ketna Jitendra Patel Female 27th June Uganda, East Africa Gujarat, India British

1996                 Singapore (Permanent Resident)

1991 - 1993        The Architectural Association, London BA (Hons)

1987 - 1991        Middlesex University, Interior Architecture, BA (Hons)

1986 - 1987       University of Westminster, Fine Arts Foundation Diploma

1976 - 1984       Diploma in Bharat Natyam Indian Dance (Bharatiya Sangeet Samiti)

Having worked for architectural firms in the UK, Singapore and USA, Ketna is presently a professional artist.



     •   SINGAPORE

          Auction of 1 Artwork for MAGIC BUS charity auction

Collaboration with Fu Ai Wei , Singaporean Multi-media artist for an installation at Singapore General Hospital, featured in the Okto Channel (Singapore) production ‘Watch This Space’ Episode 5.

Collaboration with Fu Ai Wei , Singaporean Multi-media artist for an installation at Singapore General Hospital, featured in the Okto Channel (Singapore) production ‘Watch This Space’ Episode 5.

Solo Show: Ketna Patel @ Art Kunsult.Showcasing Acrylic screenprints and Asia Pop! furniture

     •   ITALY

Group Show ‘L’ Artista Come Rishi’ (The Artist as Rishi), Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale, Rome

     •   INDIA

Group Show ‘Looking Back ToLook Forward’ commemorating ten years of Nitanjali Art Gallery, New Delhi

Solo Exhibition at India Art Summit. Represented by Indigo Blue Art, Singapore Commission by TATA Motors to convert 2 Nano cars into ArtSculptures. Also exhibited at the India ArtSummit.




Design of Music Album by Prem Joshua & Band; ‘Luminous secrets’

     •   SINGAPORE

Ketna Patel @ Indigo Blue Art Exhibition @ Affordable Art Fair. Showcasing Acrylic screen prints and Photo collages & ‘ASIA POP’ furniture in public areas

ASIA O.K!’ Parallel Solo show with Artist Vibha Galhotra from Delhi

     •   Licensing Collaboration with ‘THELINK’ FashionHouse-‘All dressed up’ for‘ASIA POP’ inspired       

International fashion collection

     •   INDIA

Study Tour of Karnataka + Tamil Nadu



     •   SINGAPORE

Auction of 2 Artwork for SNOW Benefit, UNIFEM

Installation Commissioned by  Singapore National Museum to accompany ‘Verner Pantone Exhibition’

Invited to be a judge for one week filming of ‘Doodle Champs’ TV show. (Screened in Oct 2009)

”CON-FUSION” Solo Exhibition at TCC “The Gallery” 51 Circular Rd in collaboration with Art-

Stage set using ASIA POP furniture for Chat Show “AsiaUncut”

      •  Larasati Auction House; 2 Artworks sold (Acrylic on canvas painting + Photo Collage)


          London, Somerset, Bath, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Wales; Travels & Photo Documentation

      •  INDIA

Delegate to Indian Art Summit, Delhi; Ahemdabad; Housing Community Project; Pune Studio

Orissa Art Camp (Bhubaneswar, Jaganath Puri organized & sponsored by Mr Siddhart Tagore; “Art & Deal”


Johannesburg, Durban, Capetown, Franschhoek; Travels & Photo Documentation


Travels & Photo Documentation



      •  SINGAPORE

American Club; Solo Exhibition

Group Show at Fort Canning, ‘More Mixed Messages’ with Charlotte Cain and Jutta Odenwalder

‘Web in Travel’; ‘ASIA POP’ Stage set design + Talk on Asian Streets


‘ODE TO ART’ Gallery Exhibition of Nostalgia series (Photo Collages)

The “GLOBAL BRAND FORUM” Stage set using ‘ASIA POP ART’ featuring ‘Spike Lee (Holywood), Jimmy Wales (Wikepedia), Joanne Ooi (Shanghai Tang)

Ascott Hotel; Public Areas; Two Photo Collage Commissions


Opening of India Studio; Pune

Himalayas; Kashmir, Ladakh, Leh region; Travelling Studio



     •   SINGAPORE

“Singapore National Museum” Exhibit of ‘Jalan AsiaRickshaw’ Commisioned by IMG Artists for the Sun Festival; Now permanent exhibit at the ‘Majestic Hotel’, Chinatown

ArtInstallation@Orchardroad; commissioned by Wheelock Properties;

Solo Show, Asian Art Fair @ Suntec City

‘Bollywood Pop’ Art Styling at ‘The Rupee Room’ @ Clarke Quay

Art Installation at the new ‘Screening Room’ Restaurant, Ann Siang Rd

‘Chalo Asia’; Solo Exhibition at Indigo Blue Art Gallery

     •   INDIA

Travelling Studio; Goa

Photo Documentation of Mumbai, Pune, Hodka villages in Kutch (Gujarat), Mandvi, Ahemdabad, Vidyanagar, Karamsad, Dharmaj, Nadiad, Udaipur, Ranakpur, Jodhpur, Manwar, Pokran, Jaiselmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.

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