In my Home & Living designs, I merge cultures using the ikat (‘to tie’ in Indonesian) pattern. My ikat patterns are vibrant in colours and shapes to show how the differences in cultures, rituals and beliefs complement each other.

  They are symbolic for weaving our unique differences harmoniously and beautifully into our daily lives. I am striving to evoke a contemporary and eclectic style to every home.

     My observation of everyday life is my inspiration in all my works. I collect found objects and assemble them as memories of my experiences. Having lived in both Eastern and Western parts of the world, I like to intertwine different cultures to show that harmony and balance exist. By exploring the use of colour, texture, and form in my works, I ensemble the past, the present and the future into one wholesome perception.

       In The thread of Life series, I am experimenting with materials founded from my mother-in-law's home: thread and vintage photos from the 1938s. I combine these two into a piece of artwork. With the action of needling the photographs, I felt that I had relived history at that particular moment. By putting colours by hand or machine on the black and white photography works, I experience a sense of belonging to the past. A journey into the past with more colourful routes.